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  • Surviving Puppyhood

  • Puppies need basic manners as well as guidance navigating the world. With our Surviving Puppyhood package, your puppy will learn manners as well as important life skills.
    Due to COVID-19, we are not offering group classes at this time. For your convenience, we are offering private sessions taught directly at the puppy's house or a nearby park.
  • So, what exactly will you and your puppy learn?

    Our orientation will cover:

    • The practice and principles of positive reinforcement.
    • Helping your puppy make the right chew choices.
    • Introducing your puppy to new things.
    • Teaching your puppy to bite more softly.
    • What you will need for training.

    Week by week, training topics will include:

    • Sit, polite greetings, and learning their name.
    • Learning attention, physical and mental exercise, and target training.
    • Teaching your puppy the beginning stages of settling on a mat, working through distractions, and down.
    • Recall and learning to relax with distractions.
    • Leash manners, helping your puppy learn to share, and staying on their mat.
    • Leave it, impulse control games, and mat training with distance.
  • What we offer...

    Surviving Puppyhood Private Coaching Package

    (Northern Oregon Coast)

    Would you like to be directly involved in helping your puppy grow into a well mannered dog? This is the package for you!

    Private one-on-one coaching takes place at your house. We meet once weekly for 7 or 9 weeks and go over abasic behavior as well as a prevention topic (listed above).

    Surviving Puppyhood Online

    This package is offered entirely online so you can train in the comfort and safety of your own home.

    Each week you will meet with the trainer via Zoom, and will be given exercises to practice with your puppy throughout the week. With the purchase of this package, you will also receive 3 months of email support.

    Surviving Puppyhood While Out and About

    (Northern Oregon Coast)

    This package is a continuation of the private coaching and online packages. You will be required to finish one or the other before signing up for Out and About training.

    Would you like your puppy to fine-tune the skills learned in Surviving Puppyhood? A trainer will guide your puppy through distractions while out and about in the real world. The best part about this package is you do not have to be present for the training sessions! After the outing, your trainer will text you to let you know where the excursion took place and what skills were worked on during the session.

  • Rates

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  • We enjoyed your 6 week training Surviving Puppyhood. The online Covid version was great. You were always on time and took your time explaining and demonstrating the proper techniques with your dog. We learned a great deal and find ourselves using most of your training techniques with good success. We have also recommended your Zen Critter training to people asking who we used. Your style of training and knowledge would be a great help to anyone needing and wanting a better behaved puppy.
    -Tim & Bianca Clemens