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  • Dog Walking and Leash Manners

  • Zen Critter helps you create peace and happiness with a well behaved companion.
  • Walking

    Does your dog need walked while you are at work or otherwise occupied? Zen Critter can help!

    Your dog will be walked by a trainer. If your dog is reactive to people or other pets, pulls, or lunges at things, we require training walks until the trainer deems your dog ready for normal walks.

  • Leash Manners Program

    Walking a dog who pulls or is reactive is never enjoyable. Plus, it's dangerous for you and your dog!

    If you are feeling frustrated and at your wits' end, Zen Critter can help! We will work with your dog twice-weekly for 6-12 weeks depending on your dogs specific needs. Every other week we will do a transfer of knowledge session to transfer your dog's new-found knowledge to you. Zen Critter believes that the other end of the leash is just as important. If we do not train you, your dog will go back to old habits.

  • What we offer...

    • 30 minute walk
    • 60 minute walk
    • Leash Manners Program
  • Rates

    Sliding Scale
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  • Christa is always amazing with communication. She is always on time and does a great job of sending pics of the fun her and my pup are having. There is no one I trust with Brutus more than her.

  • My dog loves training time and walks with Christa! She is very kind and knowledgeable and it gives me great peace of mind to know he’s in good hands. Christa gave us some great things to practice to continue the good work they are doing together and he is behaving so much better on our walks since starting with her. She does a wonderful job!
    - Ana