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  • Cats and Other Critters

  • Do you have a cat or small animal that is stressed to the max for veterinary visits? Maybe your cat has decided that it can't be bothered to use the litter box. No matter what you are facing with your cat or any other species, Zen Critter can help you and your animal live a stress-free, enriching life.
  • What we offer...

    Life Skills Packages for cats, birds and other small animals.

    Why practice life skills with your critter? Cats, birds, and other small animals can hide sickness very well. When you bring your companion to the vet it can be extremely stressful. Some small animals hide sickness so well that the stress of a veterinary visit can be detrimental to their health. With the help of our life skills classes we can help alleviate some of the stress and risks associated with visiting your veterinarian.

    Our topics cover a variety of things, including but not limited to, kennel training, medication administration training, physical exam training, handling, nail trimming, toweling, and bite inhibition.

    Life skills packages are custom designed to meet you and your animals needs. Each session is done in the privacy of your own home where you and your animal are the most comfortable.


    Behavior Modification for Cats and Other Critters (Consultation Required)

    Zen Critter offers a wide variety of behavior modification options for cats and other critters. Please have your veterinarian perform a health check before scheduling a consult.

    Behavior issues can be exhausting as well as dangerous. Zen Critter's mission is to help you and your companion through challenging times to form a stronger, happier, and lasting bond for life.

    What will occur at an initial consultation?

    A detailed history will be taken
    We will determine your goals for your animals behavior.
    We will give you management solutions to provide you with immediate relief.
    We will determine what training package is right for you and your animals specific needs.

    Intraspecies and Interspecies Introductions

    Do you have critters that are not getting along? Maybe you just got a new cat and would like to introduce them to your dog? Zen Critter can help!

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