• Zen Critter Dog Training in Oregon

    Trusted by Animals and Their Owners

    I truly believe every single one of us raising animals today share an incredible responsibility in determining how our animals will view their world.

    Recommended by Veterinarians and Rescues

    We are recommended by veterinarians, animal shelters, rescues, and breeders.

    Professional dog training

    Professional Animal Training

    Before you can choose an actual trainer, I believe you must first decide what kind of bond you want to establish with your animal.

  • What We Offer

    At Zen Critter, we help you achieve peace and happiness with a well behaved companion. We offer a wide variety of training programs that focus on separation anxiety, manners, socialization, and life skills.

  • Who We Are

    An open mind and helpful hands can do much to change an animal's future.

  • We are a private, woman-owned, small business with years of experience. We believe in compassionate science-based training methods.

  • Zen Critter does not work with aggressive dogs.
    If you need help with an aggressive dog in the Boise area please contact:
    Paul Kline at A Pawsitive Alternative Dog Training or Shawna Dowd at alliancedogtraining.com

  • What Our Clients Say

  • When we originally sought training for Kraken, our recently adopted 3 year old dog, we were struggling with a 90 pound ball of energy that jumped up on people, constantly mouthed on hands, and would react aggressively when in fear of punishment. We were unsure of how to handle him around other people and in situations where he was in trouble, knowing only that he (and we) desperately needed training. With Christa guiding us, clicker and treats in hand, a dog who would not respond to any commands slowly transformed into one who knew how to sit, stay, wait, and so much more. Christa Shannon teaches more than just basic obedience. She addresses specific problem areas and does the research with the client to determine the best course of training for all parties. Her instructions and demonstrations were straight-forward and always positive with the focus on Kraken succeeding. The whole experience was more than what we could ever have hoped for. Because of Zen Critter, we now understand our dog and his body language in a way that we never did before and Kraken is more relaxed and well-behaved pup.